About Terrence Carter

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Terrence Carter is an education executive, whose professional history reveals a commitment to transformation of schools and districts. Terrence Carter earned a bachelor of arts with honors from Rutgers University, where he focused on Africana studies. He also holds a master’s degrees in social welfare and public health from the University of California at Berkeley.

In 1991, Mr. Carter applied his leadership and training skills to the position of director of learning and organizational development at Pacific Gas & Electric Company. In this role, he led a national training program for the 40,000-employee company. In 1997, he joined the Baan Company as vice president of human resources, and his achievements included combining five divisions under one brand, which led to a compound annual growth rate of 7 percent over two years. Terrence Carter took another position as vice president of human resources in 1999, this time at Flextronics International.

In 2002, Mr. Carter turned his leadership skills toward the public school system, fulfilling the role of principal in Chicago Public Schools. After eight years, he assumed the role of chief academic officer of the Academy for Urban School Leadership, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to improving learning performance in Chicago schools.

Today, Terrence Carter is an executive leadership partner at Scholastic, Inc., and founder and president of TPC Educational Solutions. In the former position, he oversees the company’s organizational development to ensure that it identifies and meets pertinent goals. In the latter, he provides training and consulting services to health-care, education, and related industries.


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